Friday, April 01, 2005



So, im in Uyuni Bolivia after 3 days 4WD tour in the bolivian Salar. First of all, i wish i could show you my pictures and share with u all the unbelieveable experience i´ve been through in the past 3 days. We had a great tour, with a very nice driver (which is highly important as he is the guide/shef/driver/middle man in this tour (a key factor in the tours sucess..).The Salar is by far the best thing i have ever done in my life. In three days, you see more than u could chew (even for you, David s.!).Efrat, remeber the picture i show you of the Salar? well, it's the same thing (and even better!). you see lagons, flamingos, snow peak mountains and the best of the best, the wet Salar at sunrise, a breath-taking view with high reds/orange and yellow colors! the sky is perfectly reflected over the low water salt lake...The group, btw, was excellent with 2 israeli couple, 2 germans (one is steffen) and two english couple...there were laughs all along! SO, my next plan in short is to take the night train 2mmorow for Orruro and then a bus to La paz, the capital of Bolivia. I hope all is Ok and having fun as much as possible...when i´ll have pictures, i´ll send you some...
Chao from Bolivia

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