Thursday, April 14, 2005

La paz


Im only 3 weeks into this tour, and it feels like 3 years have past...unbeilieveable..meeting all the ppl from Chile is so good and brings lots of spirits into my soul. three days ago, Ive met Shani and Oded on there way to their hostel. They have just returned from a tour into the pampas, north to La paz, and were full of recommendations. Holi and Sam returned two days ago from their tour to the 'Death Road' on a mountain bike, a pure adrenaline ride down 4000 m of bumpy and muddy road which 30 year old busses passes continously up and down this road...not for the faint of heart, that´s for sure....I don´t think of doing this gig as reading one review about this tour left me too sad (for those who like more details, email me and i´ll send you this link)Putting this aside, yesterday I have started my first spanish lesson and it felt quite good! I have another one in 30 min and next week from monday to friday, 3 hours each time. In the mean time, Im hanging out in the streets of La paz or chilling out at the hostel (Austria, if I didn´t said before...Tel 2408540).

PPL have good time, and ill keep you up to date on my future experiences...ChaoChen

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