Friday, April 15, 2005

Night life experience, La paz

Some drinking before going out: Second from right is Hanna, Sam is fourth from left near the two Death Road mountain bike guides (with the caps)


OK, so this is another yet issue I have not dwelt into...As I told before, Sam and Holi have done the mountain bike gig several days ago, and Sam, which is an excellent friends maker, have fixed a night outside with two Mountain bike guides from the agency he met on the tour: Anjel and Mauricio (I think). At the same day sam and Holi did the mountain gig, we (Sam, Holi, Liran, an Israeli I met at one hostel and myself) met both guides for a throat pre-warming prior to a visit to a night club. The agent was a low-end Rum (which was actually pure spirt with the addition of some color chemicals). Needless to say, the we made it to the bottom of the bottle in a couple of aching shots...As Mauricio had to do the mountain the day after, only Anjel joined us for a couple too-much beers...As you might understand, Anjel was quite drunk after his second glass and was insisting that we all (except Liran, which passed the beer drinking but was at the scene...) gonna have two liters more of beer (!)...hmm, so we had to finish the two liter beer, too much for all of us...bringing him back home , zig-zagging Anjel insisted on standing on the sidewalk and not wanting to enter the casa we were before drinking the Rum (whicfh had a bed inside...). This was, of course, after he peed all over one by standing car.....So, after we seen there was nothing we could do about his stubbornness standing, we left him there, saying good night and heading back to our hostel (little zig-zagging by ourself, actually).A similar gig was repeated again last night, when Sam fixed a meeting with Mauricio and also with another guide name Ben..Ben, unlike Mauricio, had quite good english and I must admit it was fascinating talking with a kid (no more than 20 at the most!) that was for the past six months been biking down the most dangerous road in the world...A couple from england (James and Noami) came along and we performed similar pre-warming Rum rounds with the company of more brits from other hostels in the area that Sam has met in his wandering trough the city (yeah, he is really good!).So, at 2:30 or so Sam and Holi picked the reminiscence of the ppl in their room, and we all headed to a night club that the Ben and Mauricio recommended. We got free entrance (dont know how, really)...We were Sam, holi, James, Noami, Ben, Mauricio and myself, of course...Salsa music was all around and ppl were dancing on the old-fashioned dancing floor (with the lights changing on the floor..). A singer sand some nice music, and Sam and holi started with a salsa more than 10 min, and a Bolivian girl approached james (an 18 YO brit...) and suggested him to come with her to the dancing floor....Another 10 min, and half-drunken James was exchanging liquids with this girl....(As u might understand, James is only a companion of Noami...her boyfriend is at england at moment, working). The hot couple came back to the table beside the blazing dance floor and sat with mixed feelings: James looked like a drunken brit who wants to go to bed, and the bolivian girl was looking dully at nothing, maybe waiting for a thing that was not coming...). James would have to excuse me, but it was quite amusing....Me and Naomi tried to figure what´s going on with this cross-Atlantic couple, when not too long we both were dancing a Chen-Naomi salsa style to the amazed eyes of the was quite hillarious! After another round of beer pitcher, Sam was caught by a tall-slimmed girl, which rocked Sam with smooth salsa movement...Holi from time time harassed poor sam for laughter (and the bolivian was not happy with this, as can be expected)...Near the end of this night, the music changed abit to Dance-trance tracks which anded in a romantic-slow tunes...this was the time when both couples were already sitting in the dark and holi was impatient with the all situation...less than half of a minute talk with Sam, and we (Holi, Naomi and me) were out. Before the guides left for their home, they asked me to take a taxi, just in case. Back at the street, both half drunken birts chicks were boled and darted down the street, not listening to my demand that we take a taxi. Trying to get them to listen to common sense, both grabed be in both sides and hauled my ass down the road...what can I tell you, a very embarrassed, not macho Israeli male was walking at 4:30 in the morning with two brits the end, we were at the hostel (after a quicky meal at the 24 hour food stalls). For those who are curious to know what happen at the end of the night with Sam and James..well, they returned without any conquering any bolivian hills and valleys, but as it was seemed yesterday, they didn´t looked like looking for such action...In any case, at least Sam got a wood carved heart necklace from his girl...nice memory from La paz...Putting this aside, walking on the streets this noon I´ve stumbled into who if not Stefan...!It was quite amusing and I have took him for a tour in the city (good place to eat, drink and buy all kind of stuff...)..we ate the notorious 'El Lobo' restaurant, which is an all Israeli compound, with pictures and comments of 21 YO israelis (lots of naked ones in the Salar...)...It was very weird to hear so much hebrew in one place (the waiters also, of course) and to read a Hebrew menu! Even though this place is expensive in comparison to the local simple resturants, we both decided it will be nice to remember how is the taste of HUMUS...Yep, stefan stil remember the good HUMUS in Kathmandu, Nepal...The meal was fine...We both thought that it´s amazing that the two major nationalities travelers (German and Israeli) were hardly been seen mixing together (like me and stefan...)...It might be because both travelers are usually go in groups of 2-4 (israeli even go up to 6!) and not alone.So, I think im gonna go back to the hostel....hope you all have good going to a party again this night...Take careChen

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