Thursday, April 14, 2005

La paz II

Traffic in Avenida Santa Cruz - count how much taxis and combis??


Well im back on the comp here at La paz...One thing I haven´t commented yet in regard to La paz and it is the word can described this issue: HORRIBLE!three factors leads me to this word: first of all, the road´s condition really sucks, with holes and twisted sidewalks, then there is the fact that pedestrians are for some reasons invisible to the Bolivian driver and the worst thing about the drivers - they don´t know how to drive! I have told you about the road of death, but im telling you all, the reall road of death is the main street or boulevard here in La paz (Santa cruz boulevard). I had to many close ones now adays when trying to cross this damn street...The thing is that these maniacs don´t try to stop, counting that you agily and hastly will cross the road and avoid any unwanted collision (or else...). It´s totally crazy.The Spanish classes are quite nice, even though today was a very tiring class and I felt totally wasted...It is a very energy consuming gig, i can tell you...That´s it for now...Chao

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