Sunday, April 17, 2005

Too less sleep, too much alcohol...

Puerta de la Luna, taken at the Tiwanaku excavation site, near La Paz


Partying with the Brit gang was a life time experience. Tiwanaku Inca site was nice, not more than that and Stefan ended his tour in South america at a rave party in Valley de la luna.

So, it's 1:30 am and I'm talking with my wonderful and lovely familyover the messenger...I'm a lucky man to have such a family!!I miss u all so much...Next week is pesah, and I'm going to check whether i could do it at the'El Lobo' joint (The wolf in espanol, an Israeli well knownestablishment..).Last night, I've gone with the Brit gang (Sam, Holi, Noami and James)and Ben, a great man which as i wrote before is a mountain bike guide(and now also a hang out guide?). We went to a night club 20 min southof the center of La paz (in the zona sur area, for those who arefamiliar with La paz..). All of us (literally!) squeezed into a 5 YOtaxi and crawled our way through the narrow and steeply night streetsof sleepy La paz...The policemen at the checkpost were indifferent to our overloaded poortaxi and we quickly continued zooming down the road further south intonew areas that I have never been there (even though I'm already a weekin this week...)Finally, we were at the night club (Omnibus) at 24:30...Shamelessly,this night club was totally EMPTY!!! Disappointed, we climbed intoanother taxi and stopped at a high-fashion, American style, lounge barwith 3 body guards at the entrance and lots of WASAH all over theplace...Quickly we got the notion that we need invitations...this was,of course, a pile of crap, as well-dressed youngsters were enteringwithout any difficulties (showing only driving license...). We, ofcourse, came with our best outfits, SHARWALS, slippers and worn outT-shirts...After planning several army-style maneuvers, we decidedthat force won't work here (3 big gorillas...One needs a tank to knockthem down....) so we climbed on another taxi..this time we found arespectfull place who was willing to accept us, not too far from thecenter of town (5 min drive). This was a very nice club, with localsdancing on every piece of earth or chair...the music was mostly oflocal performers but sometimes an English, well known performer wasbooming out of the speakers...I was bloody tired close to 2:30 am(with not too much alcohol..) and at that instance three local girlsmade a move and asked for a lighter...Sam and James moved for the kill,while i just wanted a god damn bed...i was starting to think aboutmaking my way to the front door, when one of these girls (maybe 20years old??) tried to convince me to drink some beer...yeah, right!BED, not BEER!!shit...well, with my poor espanol i tried to explain the young ladythat I'm too tired to even try and exert my little grey matter behindmy eyes and she better find another chat partner...The American hip hop boomed all over and the international gang wentdown full of energy for the rocking wood floor...As you know me well,I'm not missing a good vibration, but this was too late formyself...shouting over the speakers and four dozens locals shoutingand having a good time, I excused my self from the gang (which triedto keep me there but with no too much help..). So, I've rocketed myself out of the door and took a cab to the hotel (i was not drunken orcrazy enough to try to get to hotel by my two feet...)Ive made it to 9 am this morning when Stefan entered the room, quietlyas he didn't help, though, but no matter...We went later tothe Bolivian Inca excavation site, Tiwanaku, which is located 70 kmwest of La paz. After 1 and half hour of drive (with a long stop atthe El Alto market), we got to the site...we were amazed when theclerk at the museum charged no less than 10 USD as an entrance fee(both LP and the footprint hand book stated 3.5 at most! they'll hearfrom me!)I was really pist off (and you know me, fellas!) but nothing could bedone...or to take a bus back to La paz, or to eat this outrageousprice...Stefan was wiling to pay, sensibly, and i followed so, as myaim in this trip was to see sights and experience events, and not totry to spend as little as you all know me, it took mesometime to reach this conclusion...It was actually funny, becausestefan commented to me that only yesterday he was pist off aboutBritish airways that charged him with 7 USD for a confirmation for hisflight...then I was assuring him, and today he was assuring me...It'sfunny sometime, how we are so alike and still so different in ourmentality...The Inca site was nice (not me nor Stefan were awe struck) with stonesstrewn around, couple of real nice statues and one floor of a greatInca pyramid...after 2 hours of wondering around, taking some time forour selfs, we climbed on the upcoming minibus and went back to Lapaz...After We finished our meal at the lobo (they have a connectedresturant) we met Yossi from the Uyuni seems, he and moranwere just back from Rurrenabaque, a little village north of La paz,near the amazon basin, after a week in the jungles...Indians, riversand mosquitoes, it seems he had it all, and he was quite happy doingit...Ill get there too, i presume, but i have my time... :)So, now im wrapping things up for this day...Me and stefan went for anice beer at a nearby nice little place which served nice beer, goodinternational music and best of best, great thin sliced pizzas...itwas so delicious!! (and at the ridiculous price of 3.5 NIS...)...I wasthinking of going to the shower, when Stefan decided to join the britgang to another wild night (this time, the wildest..). The biggestrave party (trance, techno and house) was taking place 20 min driveout of La paz once a year, and it was the talking subject of manymuchillers in the last days...Eitan, an Israeli that i've met in thehostel and was living for the past 5 years in the US was going to havecouple of sets behind the DJ controls..I must say, i've learned alotabout Trance music in the nice hour we chatted together...The brit gang was of course going, and stefan at the last minutejoined them...As Trance isn't my cup of tea, I headed to theshowers...Wonder how it was...That's quite enough for one entry...have a good week fellas!ChaoChen

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