Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Short 3 day plan

Map of the Salar de Uyuni, adapted from the World Wide Web (http://www.travelperubolivia.com/)


Actually, its a short plan - Tour the salar de Uyuni (bolivia). after finishing with this tour, i´ll head to La paz. from La paz we plan on crossing back to chile at Arica, and doing a tour at a near nacional park. So, I wont be near any internet point for the next 3 days so finally you will have some peace and quiet from me...;) have lots of fun
Love you all and miss you even more..

Sunday, March 27, 2005

San Pedro de Atacama


yes fellas, i arrivede at this tranquil little town (mexican stylebuild) at 16:00...found a nice hospedjal, bought some groceries, got cleaned up (24 hr drive non stop) and headed to the town streets...the sceneary on the way was awesome and hearing leonard cohen and REM in the background gave the real atmosphere to the Andes on the one hand and the sea shore on the other...the bus was OK and sleeping wasn't a problem..., there are so many things to do here in San Pedro (horseriding, sand surfing, 4WD tours to numerous locations around etc) and overall things look good. I've met a German fella name Steffan (Shtefan as they pronpunce it) and maybe i'll join him for some trips in the area...he plans to do a round trip to bolivia's salar's andt hen return back to San Pedro and to move to Arica, a nice town up north in chile. i may join him for this route...it's a bit fast for me to leave this country, even though it's very expensive here (incomparison to other SA contries) so his route sounds attractive...Shani and Oded are intending to leave into bolivia the next few days so it seems that our paths are going to part...

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Plans ahead...

Me and Valparaiso (Taken by Oded)


So, in short, im going up north and not to Argentina...i will be traveling with a nice israeli couple i met yesterday on my way to Valparaiso (and againon several instances in different places in Santiago...). It is SOdifferent when you travel with company, esp. good company as these pplare.So, 2mmorow in the afternoon im on a bus to san pedro de ATACAMA, a 24hr drive....I*ll keep in frame when i*ll get my hands on a comp..have funChen

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Santiago de Chile


Email edition as copied from my email prior publication in a blog

SO, after over 20 hours of net airborne (5 hr TLV-frankfurt, 12 hr frankfurt-sao paolo and 3 hr sao paolo-santiago) i finally landed in this city...first impression from the climate - very similar to Israel (28c over here...hot!). Even though i didn't met a single one israeli on either flights (so much for the "no problem, you definitly find an Israeli on the plane") i met a nice chap name Hennry, a brit from bristol which have been teaching english in Santiago and was returning for an extended vacation..Couldn't find a better person to meet. not only kind, but also speaking fluently spanish and tip-top we were at the center of town with the bags and all heading for a hostel he remembered as good. Paying apprx 10$ (7000 peso/night) i got a nice mixed room (not single) for 4 ppl (when i think of it, it's a bit expensive but the room is nice and clean..and im alone there, for the time being...). well, frankly, i don't have the slightest clue as to what to do next...not a shred..i have booked this room for 3 days, till i figure out whats going on..henry, BTW is sleeping at a friends appartment and i might ask him to do for me a town sight seeing (no more than 30 min as he said)..
that´s it fellas...all in all, im in a big shock...still don´t get the fact that not only that im free to do what the hell i want to do, but also the fact that im so far away from you all...
i hadn´t had the opportunity to thank you all for giving so much attention and love...it´s so great to know you have so many ppl who care for you...no doubt, it´ll give me strength where ever i´ll go in this part of the world...
So, i´ll head for the shower and maybe even a short sleep...i hope all is ok with you all