Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Santiago de Chile


Email edition as copied from my email prior publication in a blog

SO, after over 20 hours of net airborne (5 hr TLV-frankfurt, 12 hr frankfurt-sao paolo and 3 hr sao paolo-santiago) i finally landed in this city...first impression from the climate - very similar to Israel (28c over here...hot!). Even though i didn't met a single one israeli on either flights (so much for the "no problem, you definitly find an Israeli on the plane") i met a nice chap name Hennry, a brit from bristol which have been teaching english in Santiago and was returning for an extended vacation..Couldn't find a better person to meet. not only kind, but also speaking fluently spanish and tip-top we were at the center of town with the bags and all heading for a hostel he remembered as good. Paying apprx 10$ (7000 peso/night) i got a nice mixed room (not single) for 4 ppl (when i think of it, it's a bit expensive but the room is nice and clean..and im alone there, for the time being...). well, frankly, i don't have the slightest clue as to what to do next...not a shred..i have booked this room for 3 days, till i figure out whats going on..henry, BTW is sleeping at a friends appartment and i might ask him to do for me a town sight seeing (no more than 30 min as he said)..
that´s it fellas...all in all, im in a big shock...still don´t get the fact that not only that im free to do what the hell i want to do, but also the fact that im so far away from you all...
i hadn´t had the opportunity to thank you all for giving so much attention and love...it´s so great to know you have so many ppl who care for you...no doubt, it´ll give me strength where ever i´ll go in this part of the world...
So, i´ll head for the shower and maybe even a short sleep...i hope all is ok with you all

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